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Bob Dancer – A Video Poker Master

Bob Dancer – A Video Poker Master

Bob Dancer, as stated on his official website, is “the preeminent authority on video poker worldwide” and a recurring contributor to Casino Player, Strictly Slots, and the Las Vegas Review-Journal. His career-long winnings exceed one million dollars, the majority of which occurred in the winter of 2001 during an incredible six-month span at the MGM Grand video poker machines.

Bob finds time despite the aforementioned responsibilities to provide consulting services, conduct seminars, and author books while operating the VP machines profitably. The motivation behind his initial decision to adopt the pen name “Dancer” is his enthusiastic interest in dancing.

An Account of the Gambling, Love, and Life of Bob Dancer

Players of video poker are presumably acquainted with the name Bob Dancer; however, they might be uninformed of certain noteworthy particulars regarding his life. My objective in this section is to rectify that.

During his formative years, Bob Dancer, who was born in 1947, pursued the same pastimes and passions as other American males. He became an adult, attended college, and obtained a degree. During his mid-20s, Bob secured a highly prospective position with the Rand Corporation as an economist. The moment he read that article in Playboy magazine, his entire existence was transformed.

The narrative, which transpired to be about backgammon, captivated the juvenile dancer. In due course, he began to consume every available book on the subject, thereby delaying the acquisition of a comprehensive understanding of the game.

Following his termination from the Rand Corporation, he accepted an invitation from an associate to relocate to Los Angeles. Shortly thereafter, he started to frequent the Cavendish West, a private club that catered to gamblers and offered both poker and backgammon.

Bob came to the realization that he still had much to learn regarding the intricacies of wagering, given his unimpressive early contest experiences. Nevertheless, he persisted in his efforts, and his commitment to growth enabled him to support himself through the play of a beloved game.

After six years of this, Dancer ultimately made the decision to return to the mundane workforce. He commenced employment in the burgeoning domain of computer programming in 1980, while concurrently dedicating time to enhance his backgammon skills.

Dancer persisted in his daily routine of timing the passage of time while indulging in his passion for backgammon in the evenings for the subsequent nine years. During this time, he developed a keen interest in blackjack and made sporadic excursions to Las Vegas in order to refine his card counting strategies.

Developing into an Expert Gambler

His successful tenure in the Cavendish West was the consequence of his enhanced skill set upon his return in 1989. After experiencing another layoff in 1991, Bob made the decision to embark on a professional gambling career.

Bob encountered a young woman named Ginnie in the same year. Following their shared affection for dancing, it did not take long for him to captivate her with his enthusiasm for baccarat as well. The couple made numerous visits to Las Vegas as a result, capitalizing on promotional offers and Bob’s expertise in card counting.

They relocated to Las Vegas in 1993 with the intention of devoting themselves to the game of blackjack. Although their financial resources limited them to low-limit tables, they managed to compensate by utilizing coupons and participating in any promotional programs that were accessible. Bob estimated the couple earned $12,000 from blackjack and an additional $21,000 from promotional opportunities over the course of the year and a half they spent playing the game.

However, as time passed, the pair gained notoriety throughout the Las Vegas casinos, and it became progressively more challenging for them to generate revenue through coupons.
They were compelled to seek out alternative wagering options shortly thereafter, and they made the decision to experiment with video poker.

After Stanford Wong instructed them in a few fundamental video poker strategies, they immediately began to apply their newfound knowledge. However, Ginnie quickly developed a discontentment with the lifestyle of a gambler and terminated their relationship by returning to Los Angeles.

While his romantic life encountered a setback, Bob started amassing an extraordinary amount of wealth at the video poker machines. Rapidly increasing to $50,000, he was able to wager on devices with larger denominations and the potential for more lucrative rewards. He persistently pursued promotions in an effort to increase this sum, his fixation being on discovering even the tiniest advantage over the casino.

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